Three Reasons to Attend: Reason #1

Top-Notch Program

We always have one of the best lineups of speakers in the industry in Canada, and this year is no exception. Let’s take a look at some of the speakers you can look forward to at this year’s Canadian Bioeconomy Conference. Why don’t we meet our keynote speakers?

Anna Tenje opens the conference plenary on June 7. Ms. Tenje is the Mayor of the Swedish City of Växjö, which is working to become a fossil fuel free municipality by 2030 and has been called the “greenest city in Europe”, and the Chairman of the Executive Board. As a former member of the Swedish Parliament, Anna Tenje has worked as a committed leader on environmental and climate issues for a number of years. She believes in broad cooperation at many levels and that long-term planning around environmental issues is of key significance for City of Växjö.

Werner Kurz will be our luncheon keynote on June 7. Dr. Kurz is a Senior Research Scientist with Natural Resources Canada. He has made significant contributions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He leads the development of Canada’s National Forest Carbon Monitoring, Accounting and Reporting System and the Forest Carbon Management Project of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions. His research focuses on carbon dynamics in forests and harvested wood products and the opportunities of the forest sector to contribute to climate change mitigation.

George Heyman will provide the opening keynote on Day 2, June 8, on behalf of the British Columbia Government. Minister Heyman was first elected as the MLA for Vancouver-Fairview in 2013, and was re-elected in May 2017. Born and raised in Vancouver, George has lived and worked here and throughout northwest BC. George currently serves as the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. He previously served as the Opposition Spokesperson for Environment, Green Economy, and Technology.  Prior to his election as MLA, George was Executive Director of the Sierra Club BC, one of our province’s oldest environmental advocacy and education organizations.

And there’s more

In addition to our keynote speakers, we have a full program of experts and insiders bringing a program covering the full bioeconomy:

  • Community Energy Workshop
  • Wood Products Safety Workshop
  • Executive Panel
  • And Industry in Transition: Global Overview
  • Governments’ Role in Promotion and Regulation of the Bioeconomy
  • Opportunities in the Low Carbon Economy
  • Pellets: Shifting Fibre Baskets, Shifting Markets
  • Growth in the Use of Woody Biomass for New Applications
  • Renewable Communities: Local Deployment

Register Now

Unfortunately, the Trade Show is completely SOLD OUT. But you can still take advantage of all the business development opportunities by registering as a delegate. Register now and join us at Canada’s largest bioeconomy conference.