Speaker Profile: Jeff Rubin

Jeff-Rubin-HiRes3 copyWhen Jeff Rubin speaks, people listen.

A chief economist at CIBC world markets for nearly 20 years, he was one of the first economists to accurately predict rising oil prices in 2000.

Rubin, considered one of the world’s leading energy experts, now has a surprising, and in some ways rosier, forecast for the future.

His  bestselling book, The End of Growth…But is That All Bad? argues that the end of cheap oil means dwindling oil supplies for the future, but that it could lead to emergence of local economies and actually stimulate North American economy as well as helping the world’s climate-change problem.

Rubin penned the best-selling 2009 book Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the End of Globalization, winner of the Canadian Business Book of the Year award.

Rubin, a Toronto resident, is an engaging speaker with a calm style, who doesn’t shy from controversy and offering a different opinion about the world’s economic landscape.

He has correctly predicted fluctuations of interest rates and the value of the Canadian dollar.

Rubin, a Globe and Mail and Huffington Post blogger, brings a human element to his speaking and writing, including his passion for fishing exploits.